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Agnieszka Maździarz - Top 30 Publications

New directions in cervical cancer prophylaxis worldwide and in Poland - Case study of the Polish rural female population.

Cervical cancer is one of the most frequent malignant neoplasms in females. Such neoplasms can be almost completely eliminated by means of adequate primary and secondary prophylaxis. The most developed countries focus their attention on the improvement of prophylaxis systems, test quality, and efficacy improvement, as well as on the expansion of the primary prophylaxis. In Poland, the discussions focus on the improvement of the malfunctioning population programme.

Photodynamic therapy in the treatment of vulvar lichen sclerosus.

Vulvar lichen sclerosus is a chronic and incurable disease that causes various unpleasant symptoms and serious consequences.

Comparison of efficiency of photodynamic diagnostics with topical use of the 3% and 15% aminolevulinic acid in the detection of vulvar lesions.

The essence of the photodynamic diagnostic method is interaction between light and chemical compounds that form in reaction to light. In order to obtain fluorescence, tissue has to be exposed to energy in the form of light with the wavelength corresponding to the bandwidth of the photosensitizer absorption. The photodynamic method allows for the detection of even small lesions. This method facilitates the process of detecting vulvar cancer, especially in its early stages when it can develop on the foundation of overgrown epithelium. At that point the vulvoscopic image is difficult to interpret, in particular when multifocal growth occurs.

Abrikosov's tumor of the vulva--a case report.

A rare case of Abrikosov's tumor of the vulva has been reported. A 49 year old postmenopausal woman was admitted to hospital with a slow growing tumor of the left greater pudendal lip. The patient underwent tumorectomy. Histologically GCM--granular cell myoblastoma known as the Abrikosov's tumor was diagnosed. As the tumor was of no potential malignancy the patient did not require any additional treatment. We present our experience and the review of current literature.