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Azriel Hirschfeld - Top 30 Publications

Bevacizumab Added to Moderate-dose Chemotherapy for Refractory Uterine Cancer.

Bevacizumab (bev), when added to a moderate dose combination of previously failed cytotoxins, as a third- and fourth-line therapy for refractory gastric, cholangiocarcinoma, and ovarian cancers, produced high-quality responses. The regimen was based on preclinical models designed in order to simultaneously partner both bev and each of the cytotoxins with 4-5 synergistic drugs.

Targeted Therapy for Resistant Cholangiocarcinoma with Bevacizumab or Cetuximab Added to Failed Cytotoxic Drug Cores.

Addition of bevacizumab/targeted therapy to cores consisting of four to five previously failed cytotoxic drugs employed at low/moderate dosages has produced third- and fourth-line regression of refractory gastric and ovarian cancer. Targeted therapy added to cores of previously failed drugs has similarly produced responses of refractory pancreatic cancer.