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Peter Koch - Top 30 Publications

The effect of effort-reward imbalance on the health of childcare workers in Hamburg: a longitudinal study.

The prevalence of effort-reward imbalance (ERI) among qualified childcare workers in Germany is currently estimated at around 65%. High rates of burnout and musculoskeletal symptoms (MS) have also been reported for this group. Previous longitudinal studies show inconsistent results with regard to the association between ERI and MS. As yet, no longitudinal studies have been conducted to investigate the association between ERI and burnout or MS in childcare workers. This study aims to investigate the extent to which a relationship between ERI and MS or burnout can be observed in childcare workers in Germany on a longitudinal basis.

Reduction of frame rate in full-field swept-source optical coherence tomography by numerical motion correction Invited.

Full-field swept-source optical coherence tomography (FF-SS-OCT) was recently shown to allow new and exciting applications for imaging the human eye that were previously not possible using current scanning OCT systems. However, especially when using cameras that do not acquire data with hundreds of kHz frame rate, uncorrected phase errors due to axial motion of the eye lead to a drastic loss in image quality of the reconstructed volumes. Here we first give a short overview of recent advances in techniques and applications of parallelized OCT and finally present an iterative and statistical algorithm that estimates and corrects motion-induced phase errors in the FF-SS-OCT data. The presented algorithm is in many aspects adopted from the phase gradient autofocus (PGA) method, which is frequently used in synthetic aperture radar (SAR). Following this approach, the available phase errors can be estimated based on the image information that remains in the data, and no parametrization with few degrees of freedom is required. Consequently, the algorithm is capable of compensating even strong motion artifacts. Efficacy of the algorithm was tested on simulated data with motion containing varying frequency components. We show that even in strongly blurred data, the actual image information remains intact, and the algorithm can identify the phase error and correct it. Furthermore, we use the algorithm to compensate real phase error in FF-SS-OCT imaging of the human retina. Acquisition rates can be reduced by a factor of three (from 60 to 20 kHz frame rate) with an image quality that is even higher compared to uncorrected volumes recorded at the maximum acquisition rate. The presented algorithm for axial motion correction decreases the high requirements on the camera frame rate and thus brings FF-SS-OCT closer to clinical applications.

What does it mean for a critically ill patient to fare well?

Transplantation of Chemically Processed Decellularized Meniscal Allografts.

Objective The aim of this study was to evaluate the chondroprotective effect of chemically decellularized meniscal allografts transplanted into the knee joints of adult merino sheep. Methods Lateral sheep meniscal allografts were chemically processed by a multistep method to yield acellular, sterile grafts. The grafts were transplanted into the knee joints of sheep that were treated by lateral meniscectomy. Joints treated by meniscectomy only and untreated joints served as controls. The joints were analyzed morphologically 6 and 26 weeks after surgery by the macroscopical and histological OARSI (Osteoarthritis Research Society International) score. Additionally, the meniscal grafts were biomechanically tested by cyclic indentation. Results Lateral meniscectomy was associated with significant degenerative changes of the articular cartilage of the lateral joint compartment. Transplanted lateral meniscal allografts retained their integrity during the observation period without inducing significant synovitis or foreign body reactions. Cellular repopulation of the grafts was only present on the surface and the periphery of the lateral meniscus, but was still completely lacking in the center of the grafts at week 26. Transplantation of processed meniscal allografts could not prevent degenerative changes of the articular cartilage in the lateral joint compartment. Compared with healthy menisci, the processed grafts were characterized by a significantly reduced dynamic modulus, which did not improve during the observation period of 26 weeks in vivo. Conclusion Chemically decellularized meniscal allografts proved their biocompatibility and durability without inducing immunogenic reactions. However, insufficient recellularization and inferior stiffness of the grafts hampered chondroprotective effects on the articular cartilage.

Effect of Mirrored Views on Endoscopic and Arthroscopic Skill Performance.

Arthroscopic procedures may be technically challenging because of impaired vision, limited space, and the 2-dimensional vision of a 3-dimensional structure. Spatial orientation may get more complicated when the camera is pointing toward the surgeon.

Comfort Care Request for Preterm Infant: Prescriptive Analysis.

Use of moulded hearing protectors by child care workers - an interventional pilot study.

Employees of a multi-site institution for children and adolescents started to wear moulded hearing protectors (MHPs) during working hours, as they were suffering from a high level of noise exposure. It was agreed with the institutional physician and the German Institution for Statutory Accident Insurance and Prevention in the Health and Welfare Services (BGW) that this presented an opportunity to perform a scientific study to investigate potential beneficial effects on risk of burnout and subjective noise exposure at work when child care workers wear MHPs.

In-vivo retinal imaging with off-axis full-field time-domain optical coherence tomography.

With a simple setup, mainly composed of a low coherence light source and a camera, full-field optical coherence tomography (FF-OCT) allows volumetric tissue imaging. However, fringe washout constrains its use in retinal imaging. Here, we present a novel motion-insensitive approach to FF-OCT, which introduces path-length differences between the reference and the sample light in neighboring pixels using an off-axis reference beam. The temporal carrier frequency in scanned time-domain OCT is replaced by a spatial carrier frequency. Volumetric in-vivo FF-OCT measurements of the human retina were acquired in only 1.3 s, comparable to the acquisition times of current clinically used OCT devices.

Impact of restless legs syndrome in patients with inflammatory bowel disease on sleep, fatigue, and quality of life.

Inflammatory bowel disease has been associated with neurological symptoms including restless legs syndrome. Here, we investigated the impact of restless legs syndrome in patients with inflammatory bowel disease on sleep, fatigue, mood, cognition, and quality of life.

An expert protocol for immunofluorescent detection of calcium channels in tsA-201 cells.

Pore-forming subunits of voltage gated calcium channels (VGCC) are large membrane proteins (260kDa) containing 24 transmembrane domains. Despite transfection with viral promoter driven vectors, biochemical analysis of VGCC is often hampered by rather low expression levels in heterologous systems rendering VGCC challenging targets. Especially in immunofluorescent detection, calcium channels are demanding proteins.

Analysis From a Fourth Perspective: Professionalism.

Influence of Distance to Scene on Time to Thrombolysis in a Specialized Stroke Ambulance.

Specialized computed tomography-equipped stroke ambulances shorten time to intravenous thrombolysis in acute ischemic stroke by starting treatment before hospital arrival. Because of longer travel-time-to-scene, time benefits of this concept are expected to diminish with longer distances from base station to scene.

Bilayer-thickness-mediated interactions between integral membrane proteins.

Hydrophobic thickness mismatch between integral membrane proteins and the surrounding lipid bilayer can produce lipid bilayer thickness deformations. Experiment and theory have shown that protein-induced lipid bilayer thickness deformations can yield energetically favorable bilayer-mediated interactions between integral membrane proteins, and large-scale organization of integral membrane proteins into protein clusters in cell membranes. Within the continuum elasticity theory of membranes, the energy cost of protein-induced bilayer thickness deformations can be captured by considering compression and expansion of the bilayer hydrophobic core, membrane tension, and bilayer bending, resulting in biharmonic equilibrium equations describing the shape of lipid bilayers for a given set of bilayer-protein boundary conditions. Here we develop a combined analytic and numerical methodology for the solution of the equilibrium elastic equations associated with protein-induced lipid bilayer deformations. Our methodology allows accurate prediction of thickness-mediated protein interactions for arbitrary protein symmetries at arbitrary protein separations and relative orientations. We provide exact analytic solutions for cylindrical integral membrane proteins with constant and varying hydrophobic thickness, and develop perturbative analytic solutions for noncylindrical protein shapes. We complement these analytic solutions, and assess their accuracy, by developing both finite element and finite difference numerical solution schemes. We provide error estimates of our numerical solution schemes and systematically assess their convergence properties. Taken together, the work presented here puts into place an analytic and numerical framework which allows calculation of bilayer-mediated elastic interactions between integral membrane proteins for the complicated protein shapes suggested by structural biology and at the small protein separations most relevant for the crowded membrane environments provided by living cells.

Lce1 Family Members Are Nrf2-Target Genes that Are Induced to Compensate for the Loss of Loricrin.

Loricrin is a major component of the cornified cell envelope, a highly insoluble structure composed of covalently cross-linked proteins. Although loricrin knockout mice only exhibit a mild transient phenotype at birth, they show a marked delay in the formation of an epidermal barrier in utero. We recently discovered that induction of a compensatory response to repair the defective barrier is initiated by amniotic fluid via activation of NF-E2-related factor 2 and identified Sprr2d and Sprr2h as direct transcriptional targets. Proteomic analysis suggested that other proteins were also incorporated into the loricrin knockout cell envelope, in addition to the small proline rich proteins. Here we present evidence suggesting that the late cornified envelope 1 proteins are also compensatory components as determined by their localization within the loricrin knockout cell envelope via immunoelectron microscopy. We also demonstrate that late cornified envelope 1 genes are upregulated at the transcriptional level in loricrin knockout mouse skin and confirm that late cornified envelope 1 genes are transcriptional targets of NRF2. Our present study further highlights the complexity and importance of a compensatory mechanism that evolved in terrestrial animals to ensure the formation of a functional epidermal barrier.

Single-mode deep-UV light source at 191.7  nm by seventh-harmonic generation of a high-power, Q-switched, injection-locked 1342  nm Nd:YVO₄ laser.

A single-mode deep-UV laser at 191.7 nm is demonstrated by seventh-harmonic generation of a single-mode 1342 nm Nd:YVO₄ laser. The fundamental laser is an injection-locked, Q-switched ring laser at 10 kHz pulse repetition frequency. By cascaded second-harmonic and sum-frequency generation, an average power of 230 mW at 191.7 nm is achieved. At 185 mW, the setup features a Gaussian beam with a beam quality factor of M²<1.5. A pulse duration of 9 ns with pulse energy fluctuations of σ<3% is obtained. The long-term spectral width is approximately 240 MHz full width at half-maximum, measured with a homemade scanning confocal Fabry-Perot interferometer. This work opens possibilities in fiber Bragg grating production, allowing the inscription of long gratings.

5.7  W cw single-frequency laser at 671  nm by single-pass second harmonic generation of a 17.2  W injection-locked 1342  nm Nd : YVO4 ring laser using periodically poled MgO : LiNbO3.

We demonstrate a continuous wave single-frequency laser at 671.1 nm based on a high-power 888 nm pumped Nd:YVO4 ring laser at 1342.2 nm. Unidirectional operation of the fundamental ring laser is achieved with the injection-locking technique. A Nd:YVO4 microchip laser serves as the injecting seed source, providing a tunable single-frequency power of up to 40 mW. The ring laser emits a single-frequency power of 17.2 W with a Gaussian beam profile and a beam propagation factor of M2<1.1. A 60-mm-long periodically poled MgO-doped LiNbO3 crystal is used to generate the second harmonic in a single-pass scheme. Up to 5.7 W at 671.1 nm with a Gaussian shaped beam profile and a beam propagation factor of M2<1.2 are obtained, which is approximately twice the power of previously reported lasers. This work opens possibilities in cold atoms experiments with lithium, allowing the use of larger ensembles in magneto-optical traps or higher diffraction orders in atomic beam interferometers.

Ambiguous Interests: Maternal Desires and Fetal Interests.

Intravenous Thrombolysis in Patients Dependent on the Daily Help of Others Before Stroke.

We compared outcome and complications in patients with stroke treated with intravenous thrombolysis (IVT) who could not live alone without help of another person before stroke (dependent patients) versus independent ones.

Architecture and Function of Mechanosensitive Membrane Protein Lattices.

Experiments have revealed that membrane proteins can form two-dimensional clusters with regular translational and orientational protein arrangements, which may allow cells to modulate protein function. However, the physical mechanisms yielding supramolecular organization and collective function of membrane proteins remain largely unknown. Here we show that bilayer-mediated elastic interactions between membrane proteins can yield regular and distinctive lattice architectures of protein clusters, and may provide a link between lattice architecture and lattice function. Using the mechanosensitive channel of large conductance (MscL) as a model system, we obtain relations between the shape of MscL and the supramolecular architecture of MscL lattices. We predict that the tetrameric and pentameric MscL symmetries observed in previous structural studies yield distinct lattice architectures of MscL clusters and that, in turn, these distinct MscL lattice architectures yield distinct lattice activation barriers. Our results suggest general physical mechanisms linking protein symmetry, the lattice architecture of membrane protein clusters, and the collective function of membrane protein lattices.

High-power actively Q-switched single-mode 1342 nm Nd:YVO<sub>4</sub> ring laser, injection-locked by a cw single-frequency microchip laser.

In this paper we report on the realization of a single-mode Q-switched Nd:YVO<sub>4</sub> ring laser at 1342 nm. Unidirectional and single-mode operation of the ring laser is achieved by injection-locking with a continuous wave Nd:YVO<sub>4</sub> microchip laser, emitting a single-frequency power of up to 40 mW. The ring laser provides a single-mode power of 13.9 W at 10 kHz pulse repetition frequency with a pulse duration of 18.2 ns and an excellent beam quality (M<sup>2</sup> < 1.05). By frequency doubling of the fundamental 1342 nm laser, a power of 8.7 W at 671 nm with a pulse duration of 14.8 ns and a beam propagation factor of M<sup>2</sup> < 1.1 is obtained. The 671 nm radiation features a long-term spectral width of 75 MHz.

Musculoskeletal Symptoms and Risk of Burnout in Child Care Workers - A Cross-Sectional Study.

German child care workers' job satisfaction is influenced by the consequences of unfavourable underlying conditions. Child care workers tend to suffer from psychosocial stress, as they feel that their work is undervalued. The objective of the present study is to investigate how the psychosocial factors of the effort-reward imbalance (ERI) model influence musculoskeletal symptoms (MS) and the risk of burnout. To our knowledge this is the first study investigating the association between the factors of the ERI model and MS in child care workers.


Copeptin Levels in Patients With Acute Ischemic Stroke and Stroke Mimics.

Copeptin levels are increased in patients diagnosed with stroke and other vascular diseases. Copeptin elevation is associated with adverse outcome, predicts re-events in patients with transient ischemic attack and is used in ruling-out acute myocardial infarction. We evaluated whether copeptin can also be used as a diagnostic marker in the prehospital stroke setting.

Impact of the phase-mismatch in the SHG crystal and consequential self-action of the fundamental wave by cascaded second-order effects on the THG efficiency of a Q-switched 1342 nm Nd:YVO₄ laser.

We report on the influence of self-focusing and self-defocusing in the phase-mismatched frequency doubling crystal on the third harmonic generation (THG) efficiency in a two crystal frequency tripling scheme. By detuning the temperature of the doubling crystal, the impact of a phase-mismatch in second harmonic generation (SHG) on the subsequent sum frequency mixing process was investigated. It was found that adjusting the temperature not only affected the power ratio of the second harmonic to the fundamental but also the beam diameter of the fundamental beam in the THG crystal, which was caused by self-focusing and self-defocusing of the fundamental beam, respectively. This self-action was induced by a cascaded χ(2) : χ(2) process in the phase-mismatched SHG crystal. Self-defocusing was observable for positive detuning and self-focusing for negative detuning of the phase-matching temperature. Hence, the THG efficiency was not symmetric with respect to the point of optimum phase-matching. Optimum THG was obtained for positive detuning and the resulting self-defocusing in combination with the focusing lens in front of the THG stage was also beneficial for the beam quality of the third harmonic.

Complex Osteotomies of Tibial Plateau Malunions Using Computer-Assisted Planning and Patient-Specific Surgical Guides.

The accurate reduction of tibial plateau malunions can be challenging without guidance. In this work, we report on a novel technique that combines 3-dimensional computer-assisted planning with patient-specific surgical guides for improving reliability and accuracy of complex intraarticular corrective osteotomies. Preoperative planning based on 3-dimensional bone models was performed to simulate fragment mobilization and reduction in 3 cases. Surgical implementation of the preoperative plan using patient-specific cutting and reduction guides was evaluated; benefits and limitations of the approach were identified and discussed. The preliminary results are encouraging and show that complex, intraarticular corrective osteotomies can be accurately performed with this technique. For selective patients with complex malunions around the tibia plateau, this method might be an attractive option, with the potential to facilitate achieving the most accurate correction possible.

Potentiometric measurement of urinary iodine concentration in patients with thyroid diseases with and without previous exposure to non-radioactive iodine.

Extensive application of measurement of urinary iodine concentration (UIC) in several benign and malignant thyroid diseases could profit by the availability of rapid and inexpensive measuring techniques. Aim of this study was to apply a simple and inexpensive commercially available potentiometric method for the quantification of UIC based on iodine-specific ion-selective electrodes (ISE) in patients with thyroid diseases.

Improved prehospital triage of patients with stroke in a specialized stroke ambulance: results of the pre-hospital acute neurological therapy and optimization of medical care in stroke study.

Specialized management of patients with stroke is not available in all hospitals. We evaluated whether prehospital management in the Stroke Emergency Mobile (STEMO) improves the triage of patients with stroke.

Omission of dacarbazine or bleomycin, or both, from the ABVD regimen in treatment of early-stage favourable Hodgkin's lymphoma (GHSG HD13): an open-label, randomised, non-inferiority trial.

The role of bleomycin and dacarbazine in the ABVD regimen (ie, doxorubicin, bleomycin, vinblastine, and dacarbazine) has been questioned, especially for treatment of early-stage favourable Hodgkin's lymphoma, because of the drugs' toxicity. We aimed to investigate whether omission of either bleomycin or dacarbazine, or both, from ABVD reduced the efficacy of this regimen in treatment of Hodgkin's lymphoma.

Evaluation of the Back College for nursing staff.

Work-related musculoskeletal pain- particularly back pain - is an important individual and socioeconomic problem. The Back College for the insurance holders of the Institution for Statutory Accident Insurance and Prevention in the Health and Welfare Services (BGW) is based on a multimodal concept and has been evaluated with respect to pain relief and continuing in the nursing profession.

c-Src mediated tyrosine phosphorylation of plakophilin 3 as a new mechanism to control desmosome composition in cells exposed to oxidative stress.

Plakophilins (PKP1 to PKP3) are essential for the structure and function of desmosomal junctions as demonstrated by the severe skin defects observed as a result of loss-of-function mutations in mice and men. PKPs play additional roles in cell signaling processes, such as those controlling the cellular stress response and cell proliferation. A key post-translational process controlling PKP function is phosphorylation. We have discovered that reactive oxygen species (ROS) trigger the c-Src kinase-mediated tyrosine (Tyr)-195 phosphorylation of PKP3. This modification is associated with a change in the subcellular distribution of the protein. Specifically, PKP3 bearing phospho-Tyr-195 is released from the desmosomes, suggesting that phospho-Tyr-195 is relevant for the control of desmosome disassembly and function, at least in cells exposed to ROS. Tyr-195 phosphorylation is transient under normal physiological conditions and seems to be strictly regulated, as the activation of particular growth factor receptors results in a modification at this site only when tyrosine phosphatases are inactivated by pervanadate. We have identified Tyr-195 of PKP3 as a phosphorylation target of epidermal growth factor receptor signaling. Interestingly, this PKP3 phosphorylation also occurs in certain poorly differentiated adenocarcinomas of the prostate, suggesting a possible role in tumor progression. Our study thus identifies a new mechanism controlling PKP3 and hence desmosome function in epithelial cells.