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PMID- 28478929
DA  - 20170508
DCOM- 20170808
LR  - 20170808
IS  - 1365-229X (Electronic)
IS  - 0009-9260 (Linking)
VI  - 72
IP  - 9
DP  - 2017 Sep
TI  - Low-voltage chest CT: another way to reduce the radiation dose in
      asbestos-exposed patients.
PG  - 797.e1-797.e10
LID - S0009-9260(17)30137-X [pii]
LID - 10.1016/j.crad.2017.03.027 [doi]
AB  - AIM: To assess whether low voltage chest computed tomography (CT) can be used to 
      successfully diagnose disease in patients with asbestos exposure. MATERIALS AND
      METHODS: Fifty-six former employees of the shipbuilding industry, who were
      candidates to receive a standard-dose chest CT due to their occupational exposure
      to asbestos, underwent a routine CT. Immediately after this initial CT, they
      underwent a second acquisition using low-dose chest CT parameters, based on a low
      potential (80 kV) and limited tube current. The findings of the two CT protocols 
      were compared based on typical diseases associated with asbestos exposure. The
      kappa coefficient for each parameter and for an overall rating (grouping them
      based on mediastinal, pleural, and pulmonary findings) were calculated in order
      to test for correlations between the two protocols. RESULTS: A good correlation
      between routine and low-dose CT was demonstrated for most parameters with a mean 
      radiation dose reduction of up to 83% of the effective dose based on the
      dose-length product between protocols. CONCLUSIONS: Low-dose chest CT, based on a
      limited tube potential, is useful for patients with an asbestos exposure
      background. Low-dose chest CT can be successfully used to minimise the radiation 
      dose received by patients, as this protocol produced an estimated mean effective 
      dose similar to that of an abdominal or pelvis plain film.
CI  - Copyright (c) 2017 The Royal College of Radiologists. Published by Elsevier Ltd. 
      All rights reserved.
FAU - Macia-Suarez, D
AU  - Macia-Suarez D
AD  - Complexo Hospitalario Universitario de Ferrol, Avda Residencia, s/n, CP: 15405,
      Ferrol (A Coruna), Spain. Electronic address: [email protected]
FAU - Sanchez-Rodriguez, E
AU  - Sanchez-Rodriguez E
AD  - Facultad de Biologia, Campus universitario Lagoas, Marcosende, CP: 36200, Vigo,
FAU - Lopez-Calvino, B
AU  - Lopez-Calvino B
AD  - Unidad de epidemiologia clinica y estadistica, Complejo Hospitalario
      Universitario A Coruna-INIBIC, As Xubias de Arriba, 84, CP: 15006, A Coruna,
FAU - Diego, C
AU  - Diego C
AD  - Complexo Hospitalario Universitario de Ferrol, Avda Residencia, s/n, CP: 15405,
      Ferrol (A Coruna), Spain.
FAU - Pombar, M
AU  - Pombar M
AD  - Servizo de Radiofisica e Proteccion Radioloxica, Complexo Hospitalario
      Universitario de Santiago de Compostela, Trav. Choupana, s/n, CP: 15706, Santiago
      de Compostela (Acoruna), Spain.
LA  - eng
PT  - Journal Article
DEP - 20170504
PL  - England
TA  - Clin Radiol
JT  - Clinical radiology
JID - 1306016
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MH  - Asbestosis/*diagnostic imaging
MH  - Humans
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MH  - Occupational Diseases/*diagnostic imaging
MH  - Occupational Exposure/*adverse effects
MH  - *Radiation Dosage
MH  - Radiation Protection/*methods
MH  - Radiography, Thoracic/*methods
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MH  - Tomography, X-Ray Computed/*methods
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AID - S0009-9260(17)30137-X [pii]
AID - 10.1016/j.crad.2017.03.027 [doi]
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SO  - Clin Radiol. 2017 Sep;72(9):797.e1-797.e10. doi: 10.1016/j.crad.2017.03.027. Epub
      2017 May 4.