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Mutation-promoting molecular networks of uncontrolled inflammation.

Abstract More and more studies show that chronic inflammation can lead to tumor formation. The complex interactions of inflammatory cells, stroma and tumor parenchymal cell are closely related to tumor formation. Under the state of chronic inflammatory microenvironment, long-term interaction of inflammatory cells and stromal cells as well as the parenchymal cells makes signaling pathway in parenchyma cells disordered. A series of gene level editor modification, epigenetic changes, and the regulation of transcription and translation changes will happen based on signaling pathway disorder. The changes ultimately lead to cell mutations and phenotypic transformation occurred. Recent findings provide an objective basis for cancer treatment and prevention. However, further discusses at the core of the possible molecular in tumor formation provide a theoretical foundation for future study of the pathogenesis and molecular targeted therapy of cancer. This review summarizes the research in the field of chronic inflammation and cancer in recent years, and analyze the molecules network in the process of the carcinogenic inflammation comprehensively. Beyond that, this review intends to describe possible carcinogenic inflammation core molecular and provides a theoretical basis for future study of the pathogenesis, chemoprevention and molecular targeted therapy of cancer.
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Molecular Targeted Therapy


Chronic inflammatory microenvironment


uncontrolled inflammation

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