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PMID- 28863468
DA  - 20170902
DCOM- 20170907
LR  - 20170907
IS  - 1537-6613 (Electronic)
IS  - 0022-1899 (Linking)
VI  - 215
IP  - 12
DP  - 2017 Jun 15
TI  - Effect of Prepregnancy Pertussis Vaccination in Young Infants.
PG  - 1855-1861
LID - 10.1093/infdis/jix176 [doi]
AB  - Background: Maternal antibodies to pertussis can hamper infant immune responses
      to pertussis vaccines. The effect a maternal tetanus, diphtheria, acellular
      pertussis (Tdap) vaccine booster between 2 consecutive pregnancies is
      investigated. Methods: A prospective study was conducted in Belgium during
      2008-2014 on the kinetics of maternal pertussis antibodies in unvaccinated women 
      and their infants (group A; 86 mother-infant pairs) and in siblings born after
      the women received Tdap vaccine (group B; 58 mother-infant pairs). Levels of
      antibody to pertussis toxin, antibody to filamentous hemagglutinin, and antibody 
      to pertactin were measured in maternal blood before and after vaccination and at 
      both deliveries, in cord blood from both siblings, and in infants before and
      after they received a priming series of acellular pertussis containing vaccines. 
      Results: Levels of pertussis antibodies in all group B siblings at birth were
      significantly higher than those in their siblings at birth, even as the interval 
      since maternal vaccination increased. Blunting of the infant pertussis vaccine
      response was detected in group B siblings. We estimated the maximum interval
      between repeat Tdap vaccine doses in adult women that would yield a beneficial
      effect for the consecutive infant. Conclusions: Prepregnancy Tdap vaccination
      significantly increases maternal antibody concentrations in consecutive infants. 
      However, similar to the effect of Tdap vaccination during pregnancy, immune
      responses of later-born infants born to mothers who received a prepregnancy
      immunization, are blunted.
FAU - Maertens, Kirsten
AU  - Maertens K
AD  - Center for the Evaluation of Vaccination.
FAU - Tran, Thao Mai Phuong
AU  - Tran TMP
AD  - Interuniversity Institute for Biostatistics and Statistical Bioinformatics,
      Hasselt University,Belgium.
FAU - Hens, Niel
AU  - Hens N
AD  - Center for Health Economic Research and Modeling Infectious Diseases, Vaccine and
      Infectious Disease Institute, University of Antwerp.
AD  - Interuniversity Institute for Biostatistics and Statistical Bioinformatics,
      Hasselt University, Belgium.
FAU - Van Damme, Pierre
AU  - Van Damme P
AD  - Center for the Evaluation of Vaccination.
FAU - Leuridan, Elke
AU  - Leuridan E
AD  - Center for the Evaluation of Vaccination.
LA  - eng
PT  - Journal Article
PL  - United States
TA  - J Infect Dis
JT  - The Journal of infectious diseases
JID - 0413675
RN  - 0 (Antibodies, Bacterial)
RN  - 0 (Diphtheria-Tetanus-acellular Pertussis Vaccines)
SB  - IM
MH  - Adult
MH  - Antibodies, Bacterial/*blood
MH  - Diphtheria/immunology/prevention & control
MH  - Diphtheria-Tetanus-acellular Pertussis Vaccines/*immunology
MH  - Female
MH  - Humans
MH  - Immunity, Maternally-Acquired/*immunology
MH  - Immunization, Secondary
MH  - Infant
MH  - Male
MH  - Preconception Care/methods
MH  - Pregnancy
MH  - Prenatal Exposure Delayed Effects/*immunology
MH  - Prospective Studies
MH  - Tetanus/immunology/prevention & control
MH  - Time Factors
MH  - Vaccination/*methods
MH  - Whooping Cough/*immunology/prevention & control
OT  - Maternal antibodies
OT  - blunting
OT  - pertussis
OT  - prepregnancy
OT  - vaccination
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CRDT- 2017/09/03 06:00
PHST- 2017/02/13 [received]
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AID - 3868801 [pii]
AID - 10.1093/infdis/jix176 [doi]
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SO  - J Infect Dis. 2017 Jun 15;215(12):1855-1861. doi: 10.1093/infdis/jix176.