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PMID- 29277765
DCOM- 20180101
LR  - 20180101
IS  - 1791-7530 (Electronic)
IS  - 0250-7005 (Linking)
VI  - 38
IP  - 1
DP  - 2018 Jan
TI  - Traditional Chinese Medicine Curcumin Sensitizes Human Colon Cancer to Radiation 
      by Altering the Expression of DNA Repair-related Genes.
PG  - 131-136
AB  - BACKGROUND/AIM: The aim of the present study was to investigate the
      radio-sensitizing efficacy of curcumin, a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) on
      colon cancer cells in vitro and in vivo. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Human colon
      cancer HT-29 cells were treated with curcumin (2.5 muM), irradiation (10 Gy) and 
      the combination of irradiation and curcumin. Cell proliferation was assessed
      using the MTT assay. Apoptotic cells were detected by Annexin V-PE/7-AAD
      analysis. PCR was performed to determine differential-expression profiling of 95 
      DNA-repair genes in irradiated cells and cells treated with both irradiation and 
      curcumin. Differentially-expressed genes were confirmed by Western blotting. In
      vivo radio-sensitizing efficacy of curcumin was assessed in a xenograft mouse
      model of HT-29 colon cancer. Curcumin was administrated daily by intraperitoneal 
      injection at 20 mg/kg/dose. Mice received irradiation (10 Gy) twice weekly.
      Apoptosis of the cancer cells following treatment was determined by TUNEL
      staining. RESULTS: Irradiation induced proliferation inhibition and apoptosis of 
      HT-29 cells in vitro. Concurrent curcumin treatment sensitized the HT-29 tumor to
      irradiation (p<0.01). DNA repair-related genes CCNH and XRCC5 were upregulated
      and LIG4 and PNKP downregulated by the combination of curcumin and irradiation
      compared with irradiation alone (p<0.05). Combined treatment of curcumin and
      irradiation resulted in a significantly greater tumor-growth inhibition and
      apoptosis compared to irradiation treatment alone (p<0.01). CONCLUSION: Curcumin 
      sensitizes human colon cancer in vitro and in vivo to radiation. Downregulation
      of LIG4 and PNKP and upregulation of XRCC5 and CCNH DNA-repair-related genes were
      involved in the radio-sensitizing efficacy of curcumin in colon cancer.
CI  - Copyright(c) 2018, International Institute of Anticancer Research (Dr. George J. 
      Delinasios), All rights reserved.
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LA  - eng
PT  - Journal Article
PL  - Greece
TA  - Anticancer Res
JT  - Anticancer research
JID - 8102988
RN  - 0 (CCNH protein, human)
RN  - 0 (Cyclin H)
RN  - 0 (LIG4 protein, human)
RN  - 0 (Radiation-Sensitizing Agents)
RN  - EC 2.7.1.- (PNKP protein, human)
RN  - EC 2.7.1.- (Phosphotransferases (Alcohol Group Acceptor))
RN  - EC (XRCC5 protein, human)
RN  - EC 4.2.99.- (Ku Autoantigen)
RN  - EC 6.5.1.- (DNA Repair Enzymes)
RN  - EC (DNA Ligase ATP)
RN  - IT942ZTH98 (Curcumin)
SB  - IM
MH  - Animals
MH  - Apoptosis/drug effects/radiation effects
MH  - Cell Proliferation/drug effects/radiation effects
MH  - Colonic Neoplasms/*drug therapy/metabolism/pathology/*radiotherapy
MH  - Curcumin/*pharmacology/*therapeutic use
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MH  - DNA Ligase ATP/genetics/metabolism
MH  - DNA Repair/genetics
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MH  - Female
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MH  - Humans
MH  - Ku Autoantigen/genetics/metabolism
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MH  - Radiation-Sensitizing Agents/*pharmacology/*therapeutic use
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OT  - Curcumin
OT  - DNA repair gene
OT  - colon cancer
OT  - radiosensitivity
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SO  - Anticancer Res. 2018 Jan;38(1):131-136.