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PMID- 29595682
DCOM- 20180411
LR  - 20180411
IS  - 1536-5964 (Electronic)
IS  - 0025-7974 (Linking)
VI  - 97
IP  - 13
DP  - 2018 Mar
TI  - Salvage preoperative embolization of an infratemporal solitary fibrous tumor: A
      case report with review of the literature.
PG  - e0251
LID - 10.1097/MD.0000000000010251 [doi]
AB  - RATIONALE: Head and Neck Solitary fibrous tumors (SFT) are very rare. They could 
      be misdiagnosed as hemangiopericytomas (HPC). PATIENT CONCERNS: We report a 60 y 
      o lady presenting with sinonasal mass, causing recurrent profuse bleeding.
      DIAGNOSES: Hemangioperocytomas versus SFT were among the differentials, according
      to Radiological studies. Upon Biopsy, the diagnosis of SFT has been adopted.
      INTERVENTIONS: Salvage pre-operative embolization resulted in bleeding control,
      bridging the patient to surgery. OUTCOMES: Post-operative course was uneventful, 
      and patient symptoms resolved. LESSONS: This is the first case report of a
      sinonasal SFT, where pre-operative embolization has been employed as a salvage
      procedure. This treatment modality is promising, since it controls bleeding,
      bridges patient to surgery and decreases blood loss during the surgical
FAU - Yammine, Kabalane
AU  - Yammine K
AD  - Department of Diagnostic and interventional radiology, Clemenceau Medical Center.
FAU - Nasser, Haydar A
AU  - Nasser HA
FAU - Hadi, Usama
AU  - Hadi U
AD  - Department of ENT.
FAU - Natout, Mohamad Ali
AU  - Natout MA
AD  - Department of ENT.
FAU - Najjar, Vicky
AU  - Najjar V
AD  - Department of Pathology.
FAU - Tayar, Claude
AU  - Tayar C
AD  - Department of Digestive and General Surgery, Clemenceau Medical Center, Beirut,
LA  - eng
PT  - Case Reports
PT  - Journal Article
PL  - United States
TA  - Medicine (Baltimore)
JT  - Medicine
JID - 2985248R
SB  - IM
MH  - Embolization, Therapeutic/*methods
MH  - Female
MH  - Humans
MH  - Middle Aged
MH  - Nose Neoplasms/diagnostic imaging/*therapy
MH  - Salvage Therapy/*methods
MH  - Solitary Fibrous Tumors/diagnostic imaging/*therapy
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AID - 10.1097/MD.0000000000010251 [doi]
AID - 00005792-201803300-00055 [pii]
PST - ppublish
SO  - Medicine (Baltimore). 2018 Mar;97(13):e0251. doi: 10.1097/MD.0000000000010251.